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Motorists, Equity & Unity Party, June 2016

46. BREXIT  23rd June 2016

The Facts -

Immigration means excess labour - LOW WAGES


Immigration means - supply & demand - HOUSE PRICES Rising


The Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn recommends staying in  the European Union.    He claims that the working man is better off in Europe ; a Europe where Greece has just been bailed out for the THIRD TIME.   Many European countries have high youth unemployment.

The LONDON MAYOR [Labour]  Sadiq Khan is recommending staying in the European Union.

 A THIRD OF A MILLION MIGRANTS came to the UK in 2015

  This articles will be edited over the next few weeks - Your vote counts 23rd June


Remember to register to vote before 7th June ! ! !

       On the 7th June the government website was overwhelmed with

Applications to register.   The government decided to extend the date of registration by a further 48 hours. (Closing midnight 9th June)