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The List of Celebrities accused of Paedophilia continues to grow

    A ‘star’ is someone outstanding in the entertainment field, whether it be films, stage or TV screen

This star image is the equivalent of a CANDLE which moths find irresistible.

    Members of the public, more often female, are driven to get close to these stars, presumably in the hope that they might become famous through associating with them.

    When the member of the public is male, the it is usually classified as stalking !

    Unfortunately, because of the way our laws (sexual deviation) are produced, it is necessary to define offences in terms of the age of offenders and offended.    This is ideal for the police department because there is a clear BLACK & WHITE dividing line between offenders and offended.

    There appears to be an opinion that members of the public below the age of 16 are angels and therefore any offence against them is clearly not their fault !    Some criminal gangs have found this division of the population (under 16’s) very useful if they wish to use their services to commit crimes.

    A recent case in point was the murder of a rough sleeper by 2 thirteen year olds and a 17 year old.

(The termAngels would hardly be the label applied to these youngsters)

    When I was working in the London area I was told by a work colleague that the girls in one of the hostels we were passing on the way to Kingston-on-Thames used to climb out through the windows in order to meet boys (friends ? ).    Again it would seem that the reason they were in the hostel was because they weren’t angels, and no doubt their parents had great difficulty coping with them.

   We’ve heard in the press during the last 12 months of a Radio D.J. who went out with a very attractive girl, that apparently proved to be under 16 when they met.   His comment to his accusers was, “Was I supposed to ask for her driving licence ?”


Girls of today are far more forward than in the past and dress as they see their pop idols (female), without any regard as to whether that style of dress is appropriate in the street, particularly on Friday or Saturday evenings.    Added to that, of course is the MAX FACTOR which can change anyone from a 14year-old to a mature female.    Ask any bus driver when he has to ask for their evidence of being a minor.

   Because of these factors the Police in days gone by used their judgement as to whether there was good reason to overlook some of these so-called paedophile cases simply because of their (female) obvious contrition in the crime (under 16).    A recent case in the Eastbourne area concerned a teacher going off with one of the pupils.    In France the age of consent is 15 as opposed to the UK’s 16.

   In order for the French police to take any action the teacher had to be charged with some offence.   In this case “Abduction”.     A happier case of abduction must have been difficult to find, but, due to UK law the French police, the social services and after being returned to the UK, the prison service were all involved.    As far as I know the teacher is still in prison awaiting the case to be dealt with by the courts.    Needless to say the teacher will not be able to teach any more in the UK.   The girl came from a family with 5 brothers/sisters.    There were mitigating circumstances surrounding her desire to leave home.   However, she did let her mother know where she was going and told her that she loved her.     All very civilised.    It’s that magic 16 or under !    When I was a youngster we had a mantra which was simply “Under 16; JAILBAIT”.    Nothing has changed, except today men can marry men, and  women can marry women !


One final point.    Can anybody explain why it is OK for the police to put up websites showing disgusting photographs to try and entrap collectors of dirty photographs.    I used to collect photographs of railway engines but never has any intention of becoming a train driver.    Surely, unless the person concerned actually interferes with minors it is their choice what they collect pictures of ?

   I would have thought, in fact I think it is essential that those that put this vile filth on the Internet should be taken to book, and placed in the custody of her majesty’s prisons.    Why is the emphasis always on the downloader rather than those that make money out of this disgusting trade ?     

A Fan

The Stars - Radio, Stage & Screen

A Fan


“Jimmy Savile BIOG”

    The latter Eastbourne case has been dealt with by the Lewes Crown Court, and at the end of the case the teacher, Jeremy Forrest, was sentenced to 5 ½ years imprisonment. [Thurs 20th June ‘13]

    The factor that stood out about his case is that his wife (married Sept 2011) was left in the lurch about what was going on, and had to listen to all the grissly details of the illicit relationship over a two year period.    The time in custody should give Jeremy time to consider the future, and whether his wife will be involved in that future.    The pupil who is now 16 years of age, remains nameless, and has promised to stand by the teacher.

    He has been forbidden from working with children in the future, after his release.