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Sanctions on Russia - Return of the Cold War ?

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   The Government’s constant scaremongering, even sinking so low as to get the American president to give his backing to staying in a very strange alliance where the  HAVES are invaded by the HAVE NOTS.   Not a single shot fired in anger, just a passport to a more generous government (UK)

   Apparently we are expected to be the Nursemaid of Europe, and enjoy having our housing bought by the invaders, maintaining a housing shortage and ensuring that house prices continue on the rise, whilst our wages are kept low, not only by government intervention, but also because of the excess labour arriving from the European Union.   How are the young workers, born in Britain going to get a foot on the housing ladder ?    To add to the problem, the present government are legislating at the same time for the sale of HOUSING ASSOCIATION housing stock.    This can only play into the hands of the ‘Buy-to-Let’ brigade.     I wonder how long it will be before we have another era of RACKMANISM ?


   Great Britain has always had a practical means to deal with immigration in order to invite workers from around the world to give us their skills, mainly of course in the Health sphere.    Nurses and Doctors from Commonwealth countries.     Many of these, after we have trained them, go on to work in the USA, Canada or Australia/New Zealand.   It would appear that not only are we the Europe’s Nursemaid, we also train medical staff for the rest of the world !

   What better way to encourage the movement of health staff from the UK, than the present government’s pressure to force working conditions of which they are not content.    What is the Labour Party doing about such predicaments ?   Do they have a viewpoint or are they content to let the present occupants of No.10 Downing Street drown themselves, and the hoi polloi [proletariat] in the pursuit of rectifying the deficit.

      Britain became GREAT by trading with the entire world.   European countries, notably Germany, France and Spain were competing with us for world trade. Europe gave us two world wars.    Even today, who sent aircraft and tanks to Eastern Europe to show our defence capability ?   The UK, under the direction of David Cameron.    If we are short of finances it would seem prudent not to be splashing the cash.

   It needs to be remembered that the SNP have stated categorically that they wish to be independent, yet at the same time remain part of the European Union, and use the Pound Sterling as their currency !

   Simple Economics : Increased immigration keeps wages down.   Increased immigration increases demand for housing : house prices will rise around £100,000 in ten years.  This inevitably will mean increased RENTS for those unable to buy their own property.   Brexit will stabilise house prices, thereby leaving the possibility of getting one’s feet on the housing ladder for the ensuing years.  In addition we will have extra funding for the NHS and local councils, helping to solve the bed blocking affecting many hospitals in the UK.   Controlled immigration will allow realistic planning for schools, housing, and other local services.

   Inevitably it will also mean the loss of income for MEP’s representing the Labour, Conservative and Green Parties.   The Libdems still have some MEP’s although many lost their seats at the last European Elections.

Any arguments relating to defence of our country are groundless.   We are a member of NATO, and the United Nations.   We will still be a member of the Security Council.

Today is the day, Thursday 23rd June

If immigration continues at the present rate, in TEN years we will have another THREE million immigrants in the UK.

If the present rate of immigration continues HOUSE PRICES will increase by £100,000 at the end of TEN YEARS.

If you are a property speculator, then vote REMAIN.

If you are hopeful of getting your feet on the housing ladder then vote LEAVE

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